Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Buy A TankMatez Bubble Fish Trap
tankmatez bubble fish trap

Do you have a pesky fish stressing out your other fish? Or maybe a fish that has developed an appetite for your expensive corals? Or possibly you have experienced the most common reason, when a fish is infected with ICK or some type of illness?

Have you tried using a net to take it out of your tank, only to find yourself destroying and stressing out your entire aquatic environment?

If you've answered yes to any of these questions, then it's time for an upgrade.

We at Tankmatez have come up with fun and easy to use innovative products that relieve fish keepers stress and also saves them time and money.

Through our innovative bubble fish traps, we've played a very important role in helping fish keepers.

Though there are countless reasons, here is a compilation of the top 10 reasons why you should buy a Tankmatez bubble fish trap.

Why You Should Buy A TankMatez
Bubble Fish Trap
tankmatez bubble fish trap


Our fish traps are some of the most effective fish traps you can get anywhere in the world.

They were designed by Nick Gonzales, an avid fish enthusiast. Nick identified a huge demand for quality fish traps and tank cleaners, so he began building his own. Tankmatez was born soon after his designs and demonstration videos went viral.

Demand has been high since his first video went viral in May 2019.

Before Tankmatez products are manufactured, 100's of hours were spent researching marine biology and most common fish keeper problems on forums.

This helped our first prototype become popular very quickly.

So remember the next time you quickly need to take a hold of your naughty or sick fish, you can just grab a Tankmatez bubble fish trap and handle the situation.

Our bubble traps are very effective and this is the first reason why you should purchase one of them.



With Tankmatez, serious consideration is given to the safety of the fish when the bubble traps are being manufactured. Our fish traps have been made in varying sizes to ensure you can safely trap your fish in any tank size.

Fish are quite fragile animals, and use of the wrong materials on them can have adverse effects: fin dismemberment, damage to their delicate protective slimecoat  and barbs, or even death can occur by chasing fish with nets or by using other hack traps.

Even if your fish is being uncooperative, you still wish to ensure it's safe when you try to capture it.

Apart from fish safety, consideration is also given to the safety of the fish owner.

The traps are made with marine safe materials to ensure fish keeping is safe and stress free.




We make traps that are affordable for all budgets.

Our focus is not on creating luxury products, but rather effective hand made products that every fish owner can buy without sacrificing quality.

Beyond the bubble traps, there are a variety of aquatic products that we have on sale.

One commonality with all our products is that they are effective, safe and affordable.

Beyond providing effective solutions to fish problems, some of our traps go for as low as $40.

Visit our shop page for price information about our products.


tankmatez fish trap




Being eco-friendly is very important to Tankmatez. We pride ourselves in having “the most eco-friendly traps on the market”. Beyond the obvious benefits of using environment friendly materials for manufacturing, there are also crucial benefits for the fish you are tending to.

The traps are made from materials that do not have adverse effects on the water or the fish.

Our traps are beneficial to the safety of the fish and if you are not very psyched by that fact, your fish are.

We need to start taking responsibility for our environment with every step we take, and by purchasing a trap from Tankmatez may be one of your little but significant contributions to environmental preservation.




You have a variety of options when it comes to Tankmatez Bubble Fish Traps, depending on your choice.

The traps vary with respect to the:


  • Size of the fish

  • Thickness of the tank glass

  • Size of the trap

  • Price

There are traps made to cater for large aquariums, while there are some made to cater for smaller tanks.

All traps come in very handy for people who own fish as pets.

There are traps that vary based on their functions.

Check out the variety of options, here.


tankmatez bubble fish trap

Apart from the conventional credit card payment system, there are other payment alternatives like PayPal we accept. Even better, we accept Bitcoin!


Gift Cards

tankmatez bubble fish trap

Apart from accepting unconventional payment options, you can also purchase a Tankmatez gift card, which can come in handy when you need to make purchases in the future.


Easy On The Eye


Aesthetically pleasing is one of the phrases you can use to describe the variety of Tankmatez bubble fish traps.

The traps are effective, safe to use and importantly, they are beautiful.

They come in different forms that depict an artistic touch.

They're a decoration which will spruce up your fish's environment no matter where they reside.

There is a certain level of creativity that is imputed by Nick Gonzales to ensure they are a compliment to your fish's surroundings and not an eyesore.

Tankmatez is a Customer Friendly Business

On our website, we provide different avenues for customers to relate their issues. There’s an excellent feedback system in place on our website.

If you have shipping issues, you can always visit our website contact us page to relate your issues.

We also have a forum on our website where fish owners like yourself can convene and discuss the funny experiences, the annoying experiences and other experiences they have encountered with using Tankmatez products.

From getting involved on the forum, you should be able to decipher potential challenges with using the bubble traps and also there will be proposed solutions to some of these challenges.

Not only that, but we offer a free monthly giveaway/contest to our most active forum members.

Not many products offer such services. A forum provided by us where customers can discuss their takes on a product, and a responsive email address. Platforms like this make Tankmatez a very customer friendly business.


Professionally Crafted

tankmatez bubble fish trap

Tankmatez bubble fish traps are created by an individual with extensive understanding of marine life.

The creator inputs his understanding of aquatic life in determining what kind of materials to be used, what capacity of pressure the pumps should have, etc.

The traps are highly recommended because they are made with a certain level of expertise that ensures they are highly effective and safe.


In Closing...


We have established ourselves as a company of repute when it comes to aquatic life products, due to the immense effort put into ensuring we follow our mission statement.

Our bubble fish traps have been highly recommended by users due to their high functionality and affordability.

Also, the traps are very effective in helping fish owners manage their time and money.

Visit and begin shopping for your ideal tankmatez bubble fish trap today!


Note: Use discount code WTBLG10% at checkout for 10% off on your order. Check back often as we are always adding new products to our store.

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