How To Catch Fish With Traps

If you have fish at home, there are different ways to catch them. The most common method of fishing is the net or the trap.


Recently, fishing enthusiasts have come up with creative ways to catch fish and transfer them to a different tank or aquarium, thus making the process safer and fun. In this post, let’s delve into how to catch fish with traps.


Let’s begin by getting a clear definition of trapping.


How To Catch Fish With Traps

How To Catch Fish With Traps

What Is Trapping In General?

Trapping is a safe and straightforward method of capturing animals to tame. For someone who loves fish, maybe the first thing that comes to mind when mentioning trapping is nets and hooks that could potentially harm fish.


That’s not the case. Trapping is one of the safest and most reliable methods of ensuring fish goes through less harm, if any.


The main benefit of trapping is it is safe for fish. It makes the process straightforward for anybody. Making a fish trap isn’t a daunting task. But to save time and avoid harming your fish, we always advise purchasing the recommended fish traps.


How Do You Catch Fish With Traps?

Catching fish can be a tricky endeavor if you don’t have the right equipment. For someone with an aquarium in their living room, you may tend to use some equipment, which might harm the fish.


Some fish can turn cannibal, others get sick or injured, and you may need to remove the fish from the aquarium or tank as soon as possible.


How Can You Make A Simple DIY Bottle Trap?

If you don’t intend to purchase a fish trap and have a lot of time on your hands, try making a fish trap right there in your home.


That’s if you are creative and have undertaken several successful DIY projects before.


The first step is to look for a clear container. A two-liter bottle is ideal if you want to capture small fish from your tank. You will also require super glue (non-toxic) and a pair of scissors.


Here Are The Steps

Remove the labeling and any markings on the bottle.


Rinse the bottle thoroughly but do not use soap to wash the bottle.


Cut the bottle using scissors. Do that at the dome section of the bottle.


Next, cut a hole larger than the fish you want to catch. Let this hole be near the screw top. It will be the entrance of the trap. You should now have two pieces of the bottle, one side without the top and the other without a sprout.


Using superglue, stick the base of the modified dome part to the bottle, then place the dome into the inverted bottle and leave the glue to dry.


Poke several tiny holes at the top of the bottle trap. The bottom of the top should be the area where the labels were before you washed them off.


Fill the bottle with water, and then allow the air in the bottle to escape through the holes you poked. Place food inside the trap and place the trap at the bottom of either your aquarium or tank.


Eventually, the fish will wander into the trap, and since the dome has a convex nature, the fish will miss the opening, swim to the sides, and be trapped for several minutes. Once the fish is inside the trap, remove your trap from the water.


Remember to hold the trap carefully without spilling the water through the air holes that you made. That’s how you trap a fish at home fast and easily.



Overall, there are many ways to go about trapping your fish. It is necessary to create ideal traps for your situation to ensure you don’t harm your fish in the process. The easiest way is to always go with an already designed professional fish trap. It can save you time and money.


Here at TankMatez, our traps are friendly to your fish ecosystem. We aim to help you preserve it rather than harm it in any way. They are cost-effective and professional fish traps that should be in every fish owner’s toolbox.


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