3 Types Of Fishing Traps

Trapping fish is a skill you need to develop pronto if you are a new tank or aquarium owner. Your fish will need moving or removing for a variety of reasons. It can be that one of your fish is sick, you want to clean your tank, or your fish might have gone cannibalistic or gotten a taste of the coral. If that's so, here you'll find ways of getting your fish out of the aquarium easily.

There are several kinds of fishing traps that you can buy or even make them yourself. This article will cover 3 types of fishing traps that you can use in your tank or aquarium. We will throw in a simple DIY design you have to know just in case you ever need a trap quickly.

3 Types Of Fishing Traps

3 Types Of Fishing Traps

1. TankMatez Bubble Fish Trap

We have an innovative bubble fish trap designed to look aesthetic and work well in tanks and aquariums. When one fish gets a taste of coral, it can destroy the ecosystem in your tank, and you will need to pull it out.

The bubble fish trap has a main container attached to the side of the aquarium using a magnet. The bottle's open-end bowl faces the tank. Around its mouth is a buoyant floating ring.

You can use your desired bait to attract the fish. Once the desired fish is in the bowl, you remove the magnet allowing the bubble to float up with the fish inside. It works well and is possibly the safest way to catch your fish at home. The fish trap is one of the best based on numerous reviews from our customers.

2. Bubble Fish Trap With A Bait Chum Pump

Another TankMatez customers’ favorite is the small bubble fish trap design. If you have tiny fish like Damsel, the trap is the best option you have for catching them quickly and safely. To trap fish inside, begin by setting it up on the side of the tank your fish likes hanging out.

Place your bait into the bait chum pump and push it in. Create a swirl by pushing the plunger back and forth. You can add more bait to attract the little guy faster. Once he’s in, pull the handpiece away from the aquarium, and up floats your fish.

The fish trap is a great addition to have as an aquarium owner with small fish. Sometimes you might have to remove the fish with more prominent excellent characteristics to get to the target fish. That is another great fish trap for aquarium and tank owners.

3. DIY Bottle Trap

If you need to get fish out quickly, you might need to get a little creative, too. Plastic bottles can come in handy. You see, the whole point of using a fish trap is to prevent getting fish harmed in the process. Neither will the ecosystem in your tank get damaged.

There are many ways to build a fish trap with a bottle. DIY plastic bottle fish traps come in many shapes and designs. For the best result, consider the kind of fish you have, how big it is and what you have at your disposal.

To get started, find a bottle that can fit the fish you want to trap. A small water bottle can trap a goldfish, but a bigger fish will require a bigger bottle. So, ensure you have a good-size bottle (2l coke bottles work well).

Cut out the top part of your bottle into a funnel shape. Invert the funnel and reattach with a hot glue gun into the bottom part (make sure chemicals used are safe for your aquarium). Poke several small holes around the sides of the bottle to allow water in and create a little door that you can use to pull out the fish.

Once this is done, have something extra to weigh down the buoyant plastic bottle. A simple iron rod can do the job. There are other items, of course. Just be creative with what you have around the house.

As clearly shown, there are many ways to trap your fish in a tank without hurting them or even killing them accidentally. The traps above are all safe and quick methods of extracting fish of different kinds from tanks and aquariums. If you need to order any bubble fish traps from us, you can shop directly from us.


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