What Is Aquarium Trap Fishing?

Before we delve into aquarium fish traps, let’s go back to the basics. People have been rearing fish for centuries now, either for food or merely having them in their living room. You see, as people evolved and became modernized, fish became more than just a source of food. Fish have become pets and are often considered an aesthetic addition to spaces.  

In today's world, many people have aquariums and tanks at home. And that means fish trapping has gone to a whole new level. Many people use fish traps to catch their fish.

In this article, we will look at trap fishing in the context of tank and aquarium owners. How can a fish keeper safely trap and separate fish? What happens if one of the fish gets sick? There are many reasons why one might want to separate one fish from the rest. Trapping is the safest and easiest way to get your fish fast.

What Is Aquarium Trap Fishing?

aquarium trap fishing

What Is A Fish Trap?

A fish trap is a device used to trap fish by luring them or confining them. Tankmatez Bubble Traps are a safe and cruelty-free method of catching fish. Eco Friendly for the whole tank community. You can use many different kinds of traps depending on the behavior and biology of the fish you want to capture.

People use different traps to catch and transport fish from one place to another; transfer to other aquariums, and clean the fish tanks. Traps have evolved throughout time based on the shape of the aquariums and fish tanks.

Some fish keepers simply use a net to catch fish, while others get creative and DIY a fishing trap when they need one. These methods can work, but they can waste your time and might harm your fish. Most people prefer looking for professionally made fish traps that can lure and trap your fish in no time. Those are the ones we have here at Tankmatez.

How To Fish With A Trap

Big-time anglers use a variety of traps to catch different kinds of fish. Each trap is designed uniquely to trap a specific category of fish. If you are targeting a school of fish, you will need a particular fish trap for that. With small-time fish owners, you will require a much simpler trap.

If you want to create a fish trap for yourself, you can do so with items around your house. One of the easiest fish traps to make is the plastic bottle fish trap. With a plastic bottle, hot glue gun, and something heavy to keep it underwater, you can have a catch in a few minutes.

There are many ways to build a plastic bottle trap, and it is pretty effective in trapping fish in tanks and out in the open water. However, this takes a lot of  your time and can harm your fish in the process. Another common type of fish trap is a simple fishing net. You can also make it using things around you, such as a simple net.

These methods can easily stress out your fish, which affects the overall ecology of your aquarium. To avoid this, it’s always a good idea to purchase a less intrusive and equally effective fish trap.

We have most of these fish traps. For example, the bubble fish trap is a uniquely designed fish trap that captures the fish by floating it up in a bubble-shaped trap. This design has a buoyant ring around the top of the bubble. The trap is put into the fish tank with the mouth facing inwards. It is held in place using a magnet outside the glass.

Just place your bait inside. Once the desired fish goes into the bubble, release the magnet, the bubble immediately floats up. This method of trapping fish is the least intrusive and possibly the most humane way of trapping and transferring your fish.


Fish trapping is something you might have to do multiple times as a fish keeper. It is always better to be prepared by purchasing what you need to maintain your fish. The fish we keep at home deserve to be treated well. Stressed fish tend to live shorter lives and develop aggressive behaviors.

To keep your fish healthy and more relaxed, keep their environment healthy and safe. One of our fish traps can do the trick.

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