Types Of Fish With A Friendly Personality

Even if you've never had a dog, chances are you're familiar with dog personalities. They're devoted, fun-loving animals that will go to great lengths to please others. Aside from that, each breed has its distinct personality.

Golden retrievers are kind and caring, whereas German Shepherds are bold and devoted. Labrador retrievers are cheerful and trustworthy.

This is true for both fish and dogs. Some fish species, believe it or not, have strange and eccentric personalities. Because fish and people are divided by glass, it might not be easy to perceive them, yet fish personalities are clear.

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If you dream of friendly fish who would look after you as if you were their closest friend, this tutorial will expose you to the realm of fish personalities, which is full of oddities.

Types Of Fish With A Friendly Personality

Type Of Fish with A Friendly Personality


Oscars are a type of clever South American fish. They appear unhappy with their plump, downward-slanting mouth, yet they're rather energetic and entertaining. They are known to fly across the aquarium's surface and splash around joyfully, especially around feeding time.

The truly bizarre aspect about these fish is their interior design streak. Oscars frequently rearrange plants and things in aquariums, and they have been known to spit out decorations they don't like.

Many need to understand that these fish are completely at ease when brought out of their safety zone. Your Oscar fish will like discovering the new aquascape and reorganizing the plants like some fishy feng shui if you rearrange the design of your tank.


Angelfish are popular aquarium fish because of their beautiful shape, but their lovable personality wins them over. Angelfish is a brilliant variety of fish that will learn to identify and feed on their owner's hand.

Angelfish frequently create lifetime bonds with one another, and the two will spend every second of every day together. The link between the two angelfish is so deep that if one dies or is taken from the tank, the other will quit consuming and progressively die, ostensibly because the survivor is too unhappy to live.


Pacus are frequently described as behaving like dogs and with good cause. They can know their owners and like being petted. They'll implore you for nourishment and devour it directly from your hands. Don't anticipate teaching them tricks like rolling over and speaking because fish aren't built for such feats.

It's a little amusing because pacus are piranha relatives. Despite their resemblance to their flesh-eating cousins, Pacus are herbivores, not carnivores.


Pufferfish are strange creatures that want to try everything, even food. They are highly mischievous and will enthusiastically inspect new visitors to an aquarium.

Puffers occasionally engage in playful behavior with their masters, watching you move around the room and dart about the aquarium like a hummingbird, notably around mealtimes.

They will overeat to the point that their bellies swell. It's a funny site, but don't feed these hungry creatures too much.


"Never judge a book by its cover," as the saying goes. The wolfish is living proof of this assertion. Despite their scary appearance and threatening fangs that frequently protrude from their mouths, Atlantic wolffish aren't particularly deadly to people.

Their mate might explain their amicable demeanor in the same way mammals do. Unlike other fish, which have a non-intimate breeding procedure, the female lays eggs first, and the male fish fertilize them externally by "spraying," wolffish pick their spouse and work one-on-one.

In contrast, the male wolffish inside fertilizes the female's eggs. This type of attachment may have activated a more emotional component of their brains, allowing them to interact more socially with humans.


Tetras are one of your favorite fish, but did you realize they're also one of the easiest to care for? They're also really friendly; if you observe a bunch of tetras, you'll see that they automatically form groups.

These little paddlers can be spotted in the Amazon Basin and South American waterways. Tetras are an excellent choice if you want a pet that will keep your tank vibrant even if you can't spend as much time with it as you'd want.


Danios are another fish that made the list of friendliest fish. These guys are fantastic for novices and are energetic.

They don't stop swimming very often! They come from Asian tropical seas, so if your tank is big enough, you might be able to get a few different sorts because there are so many various colors and patterns to choose from.

This species of fish is highly sociable and prefers to dwell in groups. If it's only one, it'll probably be wondering where its pals have gone all day!


Mollies are certainly familiar to you; after all, they're a popular option among aquarium enthusiasts. Any tankmate may become excellent buddies with these guys (and girls).

They are found in brackish and marine water and are endemic to South and Central America. Males are often braver than females, which implies if there aren't enough escape routes for them to go to when they need some long break from each other, they'll start fighting. Always keep in mind that mollies want their area!


There's much more to fish than meets the eye. You should think about fish traits the next time you buy a fish. What are the chances? Perhaps your endearing fish will become your new closest friend.

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