How To Make A Fishing Trap Net

Fish traps are an excellent way to catch fish in your tank or aquarium. Through a fish trap net, you can catch various species of fish. People have different tastes for fish; some like carnivorous fish while others like herbivorous ones. The color of the fish also matters. It should match the house theme.

This article will be looking at an easy DIY to make your fishing trap net right from your home. That’s if you are this kind of a creative person who would instead create a trap net him/herself rather than purchase an already made trap net.

Let’s dive right in.

How To Make A Fishing Trap Net


How To Make A Fishing Trap Net

Determine The Amount Of Fish You Want To Catch

That is important since it will help you choose the size of the trap net you will be making. The size of the fishing trap net will also determine the type of fish you will catch. Some fish are big. So, you will need a larger net for them.

Choose The Shape You Want For Your Trap Net

The shape preference will differ since we all have our favorite shapes. If your aquarium or tank is rectangular or square, then a squared trap net will be ideal to avoid rolling. A cylindrical one will also do.

Choose The Material

Professionals make traps with white oak strips then weave them together with steel or galvanized copper wire. However, since this is a DIY, you can do a less complicated method by using wire mesh, which you can find around your house.

How To Build The Trap

It’s quite a procedure. Here are the steps:

Cut The Piece Into Twelve Equal Pieces To Make A Box

To make a rectangular frame, you will first need 12 pieces equal to the size of your intended box size. Cut the twelve pieces while measuring to fit the size of your desired box.

Create The Frame

After cutting the 12 pieces, arrange them to make a cube. First, create the bottom cube, then fashion them together on the joints. Later, place the diagonal pieces together before placing the top cube and fixing it.

Cut The Wire Mesh To Cover The Cube

Cut the wire mesh big enough to cover all the sides of the cube. Ensure that the wire mesh overlaps the cube on the seams to ensure no fish has a chance to escape once inside the trap. Fold the wire mesh to cover all the sides.

Design A Funnel Or The Other End Of The Box

Cut another wire mesh for the entry of the trap. One of the ends of the funnels should be a more prominent wire for the spawning net. Attach the more significant end, which will be the entry to one of the sides of the cube. Attach the funnel making it firm enough so that it doesn’t detach from the sides of the cube.

How To Use The Trap

Here is how to use the already created fishing trap net:

Place The Bait Inside The Trap

Take a clean spawn net and place your bait inside. Add large stones on the inside to weigh the trap down. The bait will vary depending on the type of fish you want to catch. We have an article related to different kinds of fish bait.

You can either use a mesh cloth, fruit bag, or onion bag for the spawning net in case you do not have a spawn net.

Use An Anchor Rope To Tie Your Trap

An anchor rope is strong enough to withstand breaking when under the water in your aquarium or tank. Tie the rope firmly on the top side of the trap. Whenever you want to check the progress, you will use the string to pull up the trap.

Ensure that a significant size of the rope hangs outside the water to make it easier when pulling out the trap.

Lower Your Trap In Your Desired Location

Using the other end of your rope, lower the fishing trap net slowly to down your preferred location. Ensure that the area you place your trap has the type of fish you want to catch. Yes, the target fish should be within that aquarium.

Escape all the hustle

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