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Tank Matez 5.5 Inch Combination Hand Piece Bubble Fish Trap With Bait Swirl Pump

$59.99 $48.99
  • 6mm .25 Inch Tank Glass
  • 12mm .5 Inch Tank Glass
  • 19mm .75 Inch Tank Glass
  • 25mm 1 Inch Tank Glass
  • 1.5 Inch


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Tank Matez 5.5 Inch Combination Hand Piece Fish Trap With Bait Swirl Pump

New and improved design. This amazing trap is not the remote controlled model. This new design has a handpiece that is also the bait swirl pump.

To trap the fish you simply set up your trap where the target fish hangs out. Burp the Bubble trap if air bubbles are in the trap. Place your fish's favorite food into the bubble trap and squeeze the bulb to create a bait chum swirl.

When the target fish is in the trap pull the hand piece away from the tank glass to release the Bubble trap.  Sometimes you will need to remove the more aggressive fish to get the target fish. You can attach a string to the hand piece to pull the hand piece if you have very shy or cautious fish.

Tankmatez Bubble Traps make trapping and inspecting fish easy and is virtually harmless.

Please keep this in mind, TankMatez pays up to $50 for high quality trap videos. If you send in just one video, the trap pays for itself. It's worth taking the time to set up your camera before you start trapping.

Please be sure to choose your correct tank glass thickness when ordering.


Tank Matez 5.5 Inch Combination Hand Piece Fish Trap With Bait Swirl Pump

Tank Size 6mm .25 Inch Tank Glass, 12mm .5 Inch Tank Glass, 19mm .75 Inch Tank Glass, 25mm 1 Inch Tank Glass, 1.5 Inch
Product type Tankmatez Tank Bubble Trap
Product vendor TankMatez

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James M.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Wrong Size, Maybe!?

I purchased this to hopefully trap a Golden Dwarf Acara that was mistakenly moved from one tank to the show tank. Set it up. Baited it. At first every other fish entered and ate. Twice the GDA entered. 1st time I pulled the magent ( i tied on and extention string, so as to not give the fishes any reason to be leary and i could sit back and watch without a big eye on the glass, from the fishes perspective), the GDA was out in a flash the moment the "Bubble" twitched! 2nd time, same outcome! 3rd time she was in and grabbed a bite and was out! In between the 2nd and 3rd time I let the fish enter and eat all she wanted to make her, hopefully, feel at ease. Aftet the 3rd time this Golden Dwarf Acara never entered again. She would swim under and around. Up close and even nibble at the bubble. Would swim way out when going towards or around the mouth of the bubble. Every other fish, from angels at tetras to ciry's to rams would go in. I'd trap them and release and reset, then they would all go again without hesitation. Makes one wonder just how much different does the animal world think and rationalize compared to humans! I ended up catching the GDA when she got between the bubble and the end glass of the tank, with two nets. Just working them and cornering her. Making her get away smaller and smaller until it wadms either into the net or a plunge out of the top of the tank onto the floor. So i'm not calling it a failure. The fish i wanted to trap did enter. I'm leaning toward the smaller mouth bubble trap would had had better luck not allowing the small damsel sized Golden Dwarf Acara such a large escape. You guys should design a trsp door- problem solved... Thanks and Regards!


Hi James, we are currently working on a hydraulic prototype that has so many great additions build into it. One of those additions is a trap door. Hopefully this version will be released soon. Thank you so much for your review. :)

United States United States
I recommend this product
Highly recommended

Fun,simple and effective!


Thank you! So glad to hear of your positive experience. :)

United States United States
I recommend this product

Works great, expensive considering how many times it might be used


Thank you so much for the positive review. We are not aware of any limits our traps can be used. They are designed to be used lots of times.

Canada Canada
I recommend this product
Haven't received yet

Haven't received yet, still tracking


Thank you so much for the positive review. Please feel free to let us know once you received the item.

Melissa S.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Unresponsive merchant and weak magnets

It would be great but the one I ordered specifically for a 3/4 in tank has magnets that barley work on 1/4 in glass. I have sent two emails and still have not heard back


I apologize for your bad experience. We can either refund you after returning or sending out an improved one. We are experiencing growing pains and are making changes to the design as feedback comes in from customers. We have developed the hydraulic bubble traps to alleviate the magnetism challenges on glass over .75 inch thick. We are doing our best to improve the design asap. Right now it takes us over 24 hours to make each one. We are still in the proof of concept phase on a couple of our traps. Please return your trap and we will refund or send you most recent version. Until I get our new staff trained on how to build Tankmatez products, I will still be building, shipping and designing everything myself. Please know that I am doing my best to meet all of the very particular demands of our reef community. The reef community expects near perfection which can be very difficult to produce during these very unique times. Getting parts and supplies delivered on time has been a challenge. Being able to hire and train staff under covid restrictions has also been a challenge. When all things are considered, 99% of Tankmatez customers are very understanding. Please call or text anytime other concerns for quickest response. 719 639 8156 Nick