Please Help! Which Trap Should I Get?

Please note Hydraulics work on both acrylic and glass without any concern of scratching. All Magnetized traps are recommended for glass only. 

As of now, our Fish Whisperer & Swivel/Hydraulic Traps are the most effective because of their silent release and you don’t have to be near the fish tank. Our new silent hydraulic release & trap door has taken our traps to a whole new level. Be sure to add the extension add on to further increase the distance from the tank. This significantly increases the effectiveness of our traps. The magnetic release traps are very popular because of their versatility and can be moved around the tank without getting wet. The con is that you have to reach in or pull a string attached to the handpiece to release the trap. This motion can sometimes startle the fish out of the trap. Our hybrid traps that have both magnetic and hydraulic will be available soon.

Fish Are Going Into The Trap, But Not My Target Fish. What Do I Do?

Sometimes the tank boss or other aggressive fish will need to be removed for trapping sessions. Extremely shy or cautious fish might be too intimidated by the frenzy.

I Have An Acrylic Tank. Will TankMatez Fish Traps Work On It Without Scratching?

We've never had a magnetic trap scratch any tanks but if it is a concern, our hydraulic traps have zero risk.

The Trap Sinks After I Release The Magnet. Why?

This is a very rare issue and is most likely due to the float ring or inconsistent magnetism strength. Both are very easy to remedy.  Additional epoxy coated disc magnets ( Approx $8 shipped) can be ordered from Amazon and delivered within 24 to 48 hours or we can ship you out a new float ring if yours was accidentally damaged or thrown out.

When Should I Release The Trap?

For best results, release the trap when target fish is nose in and downward if possible. This trick makes it challenging for target fish to find the exit upon release. We recommend doing a few practice set and releases before starting your trapping session.

Why Not Just Use A Fish Net?

TankMatez developed our Bubble traps with help from some of the most knowledgeable marine biologists in the world. Chasing & catching fish with nets is stressful for not only the target fish but also for the whole tank community. Nets also damage fish's delicate protective slime coats & barbs. Once damaged, fish are significantly more vulnerable to illness and disease. Fish often die or get sick just from the stress caused from getting chased & caught with a net. When fish are captured in a TankMatez bubble trap, they are captured in a bubble of water and don't experience any water parameter changes. Most of the time they don't even realize that they are trapped. They are too busy eating their favorite food. Watch some videos of fish keepers chasing and catching fish with nets in an aquarium and compare them to a fish being caught in a TankMatez Bubble Trap. You will quickly realize TankMatez Bubble Traps are the most eco-friendly traps on the market.

I Cannot Catch A Fish. What Do I Do?

It's recommended to leave the trap in your tank for awhile to let your fish get use to it. When you see fish start to go inside, start feeding with the trap until your fish are even more comfortable with it before attempting to trap. Different types of fish will go in immediately while others are more skeptical. Every fish and tank community has unique characteristics but thanks to our brilliant design eventually most fish's natural feeding instincts take over and they enter the trap.

Will This Work In A Freshwater Tank?

Yes, even better.  Fresh water fish tend to be easier to trap.

How Long Are Your Extension Hoses?

Extension hoses comes in a pair of two. We now offer customers to choose between 4 feet and 8 feet. If you order the hose extension and your bubble has two lines connected to it, the extension hoses will be used to extend those lines; automatically. For the swivel, one line extends from the base and that's it. In this situation, both extension hoses will be added to extend the base hose.

What Is The Clarity For Your Classic Slider & 5.5 Pro Bubble Trap?

Our entry level basic traps (Slider & 5.5" Pro) now have premium clarity. All other traps also have premium clarity.

What Are The Suction Cups Used For?

The suction cups are used to hold your bait syringe and release bulb. They need to be placed near the top of the tank so the siphon effect doesn't create too much pressure within the lines. Never allow the release bulb or bait syringe to hang loosely from the tank. Always keep them near the top of the tank.